Do Consumers Care If I'm #1 Real Estate Agent?

Some real estate agents boast that they are the #1 agent or the #1 team.  Agents who do this will often go on to tell about how many homes they've sold or how many millions of dollars worth of real estate they've sold.  I have always wondered:  Does ANYONE care?  Does this make their phone ring or drive business to their door?  I am curious as to why they do this.  Would you call an agent simply because you want to deal with the #1 agent?  Would it make you wonder if the agent is too busy for you?

My thoughts are that most consumers don't care.  A buyer or seller I am working with wants to know what I can do for him or her and could care less about what I've done last year, last month or last week.  That buyer or seller really wants to know how much I care about him or her.   Obviously, I'm proficient at what I do, or I would not still be around after 26 years in the business.

I am a real estate broker and have been in the real estate business since 1988.  That means I have seen some very good times - 2005 and 1999 were the best of years as to production.  I have also seen a couple of bad years as well, 2009-10 to be specific.  I brought more money in those years selling my stuff (extra houses and toys) than I did in real estate commissions.  What is really amazing though is that 2013 was my 3rd best year as to commissions and production in all my years of real estate sales.  The economy has definitely bounced back.

It is exciting to once again see new agents get in the real estate business.  My husband, David Stovall, a commercial agent with Norton, started in real estate in 2011.  Previously a banker, I think he has found his calling.   He loves what he is doing selling investment properties and acreage parcels.  He's out walking a 100 acre cow pasture now, and tomorrow he might be in a suit and tie explaining pro forma projections in town.  We are both blessed to be doing what we love to do - helping others realize their goals, dreams and aspirations.

So back to my original question - Why do you think real estate agents boast about being #1 and how much they've sold?  I'm curious as to what you think.  Please comment and let me know.  

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