Front Door Flower Pots for Curb Appeal

It's that time of year here in North Georgia. It's too cold to plant; but warm days have you itching to get your hands dirty.  Container gardens and front door flower pots can be a year-round attraction, even here in Gainesville, Georgia where it gets pretty cold in the winters.

Adding chairs to the front porch, alongside the planters, lets potential buyers imagine themselves relaxing there.

A friend brought these pots over, fully planted, as house warming gifts last summer.  They survived winter beautifully are thriving here on the 2nd day of spring.
Where to begin?  If your pot doesn't have holes in the bottom to drain, add some of those styrofoam peanuts or some gravel to the bottom of the pot. It's important to use a good potting soil, either making your own or choosing a good, light soil that will hold moisture and drain easily.

Starting with a tall shrub or evergreen will anchor the pot and you can change out the annuals as seasons change.  There are colorful varieties of coleus that are lovely if your garden pot isn't in direct sun all day.  This pot has yellow violas that stay pretty through spring. The red snapdragons came back to blooms as warm weather arrived.  Ivy and creeping jenny, a perennial, do well in a container or pot. If they get too long, just clip with scissors.

If you're lucky enough to have window boxes, there are so many ways to plant them. There's nothing more charming than a window box. It speaks to the fact that the owners are taking care of the details.

Window boxes give you an opportunity to show off color year-round with the right choices of plants.

Even the back deck offers opportunity for color and life and that's where the entertaining happens.

If you are considering buying or selling a home in Northeast Georgia, contact me for a consultation. As natives of this area, Selling North Georgia Since 1988, helping you find home, whether it's a purchase or sale, is what we do.  We live and work at Lake Lanier. I work with husband, David Stovall, my mother, Joyce Waters and sister Kayla Shoemake.  Seeing homes and property from the water side adds a vantage point some buyers don't get the opportunity to see.  

Kim Waters
Parter/Associate Broker


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