US Corp Resumes Lake Lanier Dock Permits

Lake Lanier was constructed by the US Army Corp of Engineers in the 1950s and continues to be managed by the US Corp.  Their 2004 Shoreline Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement set the limit for docks on Lake Lanier at 10,615 dock permits.  The Corp issued a moratorium on dock permits recently to allow the Corp to evaluate and process existing permit applications and appointments.  The Corp has now resumed reviewing dock permit applications.  The Corp has been using a lottery system to rank priority of site review with dock applications.  With the lake staying at full pool for an extended period, the Corp is now reviewing and calling on those remaining requestors on the lottery list to initiate site visits. The Gainesville Times recently reported in an article that Ernest Noe, Chief Ranger for Lanier's Shoreline Management said the Corp has 89 permits remaining to issue and 95 applications to review.

There is a possibility that the Corp will return to the first-come, first-serve basis for remaining permits after these permits are reviewed, based on the year-to-date  44% approval rate for applications with the lottery system.

Lake Lanier's Shoreline Management can be reached at 770-945-9531.  If you have a Lake Lanier property that you're considering selling, I'm happy to schedule a site visit.  Contact me at 770-540-3788.  My website is  Selling North Georgia Real Estate Since 1988.


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