Most people who are thinking of selling get house ready to sell during the first months of the calendar year - January, February and March.  I have routinely prepared sellers for not much activity between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, last year in particular was extremely busy as to showing activity right through the holiday season.   I have spent more than a few Christmas days negotiating offers, including last year.

It stands to reason then, that listing your house during the last quarter of the year might be beneficial due to less competition.   This is especially true this year, when we have such low housing inventory.

 We have such a strong job market in this area of North Georgia and Gainesville GA, fueled by not only the medical industry, but the poultry and automotive industries as well.  Those industries are bringing in new hires constantly who need and want housing.  Should these new doctors and engineers happen to arrive in October, November or December, they will not have as many choices due to the lower inventory and the fact that many sellers are waiting until after the first of the year to sell.

As a relocation specialist, I have had the pleasure of working with new doctors locating to work for Longstreet Clinic and Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, and I have also worked with engineers relocating here from Germany to work for German based automotive industries here.  It is such a pleasure to introduce buyers to this area that I'm so proud to call home.  I was born at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, and my home and office are within 3 miles of there.  And should I share that tidbit with anybody relocating here, I can always tell they're thinking, 'She's never been on an airplane!'

Back to selling, I have been advising my sellers who are interested in selling to go ahead and get listed.  If we don't have a contract by spring, we will take if off the market for a few days, refresh the photos with spring/summer photos and re-list with new MLS numbers.

Bottom line:  If your house isn't on the market, it's not going to sell.


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