At a recent company sales meeting, our Leader and CEO, Frank Norton, Jr. suggested each of us start a gratitude journal.  List three things every day that you’re thankful for.  After a month or so of doing this, he suggested it could change and improve your attitude.   I’m not sure if that’s why I’m feeling so positive.  But maybe, it has a little to do with it. 

Reasons to be optimistic:

  • Home prices are appreciating after being in decline for several years.
  • Foreclosures are down.
  • Job numbers are up, locally and nationally.
  • Stocks and mutual funds are performing well.
  • Lake Lanier in Gainesville GA and Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee GA are full pool.
  • Mortgage interest rates remain near all-time lows.
As a result of the recent recession and housing crisis, I, along with almost everyone I know, changed the way we live.  And I would opine that it’s made us better people and less materialistic.  We have the attitude and motto now that ‘less is better.’  We vacation closer to home; we drive instead of fly.  The average age for a car is 10.8 years old.  Speaking of which, my Lexus LS430, (bought preowned) has over 260,000 miles on it and is still going strong.  This recent Forbes article talks about the 10 cars that will go over 250,000.  I have to admit.  As I think about my next car, that’s my primary thought.  Will it go for more than 250,000 miles with no trouble?   I love cars, but I sell real estate, so back to real estate.  No longer in vogue is the ‘McMansion’.  Homebuyers have turned to more modest homes with a cottage look being one of the most popular and sought after styles.  This is a lakefront cottage that I built at Marina Bay on Lake Lanier several years ago.  A buyer found it and liked it as much as I did though.  And he bought it just as it was finished.

A young couple I am working with now has two small children, and they are selling a huge house, opting for a small cottage on Lake Lanier.  They have decided it’s more important to have that lifestyle than a grand, opulent house.  A couple of my good friends enjoy weekends in an RV on Lake Chatuge.  On one of the most beautiful lots on Chatuge is their RV, and that’s the name of their lake home, ‘RV for Now.’  I am looking forward to showing lake property at Lake Chatuge this weekend.  This will give you an idea as to what boating on Lake Chatuge is like.


Many average folks are dividing up their housing resources to allow for a piece of recreational property like that or like the one in the video below.  A place where the family can get away to camp, hunt, ride four wheelers or just relax by the stream.


To help realize your dreams, whether it’s downsizing or changing your lifestyle, starting at home, contact me.  My website is


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